Fluoride REALLY is Bad for Your Teeth

After the big hype of fluoride in toothpastes to combat tooth decay for as long as I can remember, I have yet to see the evidence of it helping. I used fluoride toothpastes since I was a kid and still got cavities. So did the many people I talked to over the years. Furthermore, as an … Continue reading Fluoride REALLY is Bad for Your Teeth


There’s Arsenic in Your Rice!

  I'm not one to pass on rumors, so I did my homework. Arsenic comes in two forms: organic and inorganic The organic is naturally occurring. It is considered a heavy metal. The organic form is in our air, soil and water. It's not enough to cause dangerous problems. Then there's the inorganic arsenic. This … Continue reading There’s Arsenic in Your Rice!

Sir Ken Robinson on Education in America

Do Schools Kill Creativity? (Ted Talk) This is an entertaining and enlightening talk by Sir Ken Robinson, an intelligent man, passionate about changing the problems plaguing the current educational systems. More on Ken Robinson: Changing Education Paradigms; Bring On The Learning Revolution; We Need More Creative Schools; Educating the Heart; Imagination and Empathy; On Passion  

The Contaminated Pacific: “It’s Not My Job!” (Fukushima)

(And the people with money and better education complain about low-wage workers - hypocrisy with a bigger paycheck) I was curious about the nuclear plant disaster in Fukushima, Japan because I wondered if the fish and sea plants from the Pacific were safe to eat. (Including Blue/Green Algae). It seems no governing bodies are bothering to … Continue reading The Contaminated Pacific: “It’s Not My Job!” (Fukushima)