Less Toil for My Soil

In the past, I have done vegetable gardens, somewhat unsuccessfully.  I have failed miserably over and over, never quite getting what I thought I should. For years I labeled myself as a black thumb with even simple potted plants. As a result I refuse to put any real plants in my home. I was doing … Continue reading Less Toil for My Soil


Sir Ken Robinson on Education in America

Do Schools Kill Creativity? (Ted Talk) This is an entertaining and enlightening talk by Sir Ken Robinson, an intelligent man, passionate about changing the problems plaguing the current educational systems. More on Ken Robinson: Changing Education Paradigms; Bring On The Learning Revolution; We Need More Creative Schools; Educating the Heart; Imagination and Empathy; On Passion  

The Contaminated Pacific: “It’s Not My Job!” (Fukushima)

(And the people with money and better education complain about low-wage workers - hypocrisy with a bigger paycheck) I was curious about the nuclear plant disaster in Fukushima, Japan because I wondered if the fish and sea plants from the Pacific were safe to eat. (Including Blue/Green Algae). It seems no governing bodies are bothering to … Continue reading The Contaminated Pacific: “It’s Not My Job!” (Fukushima)

Trans-Siberian Orchestra Christmas Concert

(Photo Courtesy of CultureMap) About six or so years ago, there was a email getting passed around the internet with a link to a video showing a house with Christmas lights going off to the tune of a very upbeat instrumental song - Wizards in Winter, by Trans-Siberian Orchestra (a.k.a. TSO). It struck me in the soul. If you haven't heard … Continue reading Trans-Siberian Orchestra Christmas Concert


I'm really tenacious about integrity. Integrity is honesty with self. Integrity is not what you do that others see, but what you do when no one is looking. I read about a study using children that discussed if they were told, and believed, that an intangible being was watching them, then tended to act in integrity.  They didn't cheat, … Continue reading Integrity