Learning Psychic Methods Easily

I have played around and noticed over the years how I get my little intuitions, visions, psychic info, and see with non-physical senses. Most people will tell you to simply close your eyes and meditate, or follow their voice (hypnosis), or imagine a safe place, or just look. This is too vague for me and I’ve been struggling with following those kind of instructions.  I am not into a bunch of woo woo stuff, but I know these things can be done by anyone if they want. It just takes a desire, no fears, and go seek your proof if that’s what you need to know it can be done. These are natural, human abilities.

Since I have practiced (links open in new tab) Remote Viewing, practiced Bruce Moen Afterlife Knowledge, tried OBE’s/Astral (unsuccessfully), Lucid dreaming, prayer, contemplative prayer, meditation, connecting with deceased loved ones, solved difficult problems, used my imagination for creativity, etc., I found using the imagination is a direct link towards using your natural psychic gifts, intuitions, communications with the afterlife, and other various natural gifts we all have. For instance, once you start the scene using your imagination, you can reach different answers and connections that take on a life of their own. You may get verifiable information. Prayer doesn’t need imagination, but sometimes I received information “downloads” (spontaneously) in listening mode (meditation) to answer my prayers to understand deeper knowledge. Back to imagination. Here’s the simple of what I discovered, and will update as I notice more. Make sure you are rested and sitting up relaxed. Do whatever you do to be in this state (breathing, meditation, etc.) as long as you are fully relaxed. I used to lay down, but found I fall asleep too easily. When I sit up, it’s easier to stay in a partial waking state and remember what I experienced. If you’re upset or over stimulated, nix it until you can relax.

There are a few “positions” you do: 1st person and 3rd person with intention to see as such:

1st Person: intending to see as if you are in the physical, using non-physical senses. Like you are actually in your body in daily life.

3rd Person: intending to see like an onlooker, seeing a scene like watching a TV.

Eye Placement/Focus with Lids closed:

1st Place: straight out through lids (1st person, 1st place is good for seeing through your eyelids as if they are open, but it doesn’t seem to be anymore than that, at this point)

2nd Place: looking towards your forehead (1st person, 2nd place is good for remote viewing)

3rd Place: Looking up and/back with your eyes (3rd person puts me to sleep; 1st person puts me into a trance/hypnotic, awake but edge of sleep, Theta waves)

Premonitions, Problem solving, discover issues with others, and more: I usually do a mindless chore such as cleaning or doing dishes. But I must be relaxed emotionally. I let my mind wander on something (imagination) that I want or direct my simple intention/attention to it, usually with a question or curiosity or interest (solving a problem, having issues with another person, how something works, creative ideas). I free flow my imagination with my eyes open. Attach no outcome. Then I will see a scene unfold. Sometimes I get information to other things. Premonitions are like dreaming where the information is not literal and has to be interpreted. But it’s close enough to get the overall idea, so you don’t have to be a dream interpreter, just don’t get upset/elated and take it literally.

Remote Viewing, Psychic info: 3rd Person, 2nd Place. Put out there what you want to see. Where are my keys? What is the weather like in Tennessee? There are a host of things you can ask for. Go to Remote Viewing for protocols. It goes in-depth, but I keep my life simple.

Connecting With the Deceased: 1st person, 2nd position. Using your intention of who or why you are doing this (your interest, direction, intention, attention, etc.). I have only started doing this, but so far I start in a meditative state using the Afterlife Connections protocols, and begin by using my free flow direction with only the intention to see. I will warm up each of my non-physical senses (sight, hearing, touch, taste, smell) in this manner in separate settings. So far, my sight has been extremely clear with the ability to see my own body as I look down, such as my feet, and spot a few other things around me. (Total time was around 15-20 minutes). When I see any part of myself like I do in normal waking reality, it’s 1st Person. As my sight comes in longer time stretches, I will switch my focus to another sense. At some point, I will be able to engage all my senses and experience others or go to certain places in those realms/dimension. The uses above are not exactly what is taught by Dr. Craig Hogan. I have him to thank for his support and working with me. I was determined to discover why I was not successful in making contact. Many people are successful with his method. I happened to notice that I was jumping around between eye placement, falling asleep (even sitting up in the middle of the day), getting gibberish flashes of images, and using 3rd person out of habit.

This is by no means thorough, but it’s a start. Feel free to use this as a help to explore for yourself. You may find it differs for you.


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