Common Core: The U.S. Has 2 Daddies…Bill Gates & David Coleman

I’m sure the ideals of Socialism has its fantasies about what a perfect society looks like, but what do people have to do to get there? Look at what history has taught us about merging any conquered culture to the other government. They had to remove and bring down the patriarchs and matriarchs, take the children and indoctrinate them into the “new” system, upon threat of punishment or breakdown the children’s sense of self with their family. Sounds like something out of a Sci-Fi movie or “1984” or even the Holocaust era. It has happened in history many times. The point here isn’t to go into that, but to point out how Bill Gates and David Coleman funded and developed the Common Core curriculum injecting an obvious heavy dose of Socialistic views into our innocent, developing young minds using compulsory education, and bulldozing over anything that creates a rational, free-thinking society.

For more information, watch any youtube by Dr. Duke Pesta.


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