Step Away From the Rabbit Hole….Follow the Money Trail

I’m so fed up with Corporate America businesses trying to sell me snake oil, and then getting upset and playing hard core manipulative games if anyone calls out “the emperor has no clothes”. I have a variety of examples. None exaggerated. But people don’t want to believe that this craziness is true. Their blinders are on and corporate America knows it, and takes full advantage of this ignorance.

For example, I go to Teavana to simply buy a small bit of chai tea to compare with the one I normally drink at home. That place is clearly overpriced. Just Google it. Fact, you cannot buy whatever amount you want or can afford from Teavana. Maybe because the attitude is: who in their right mind has a budget anymore? You’re a consumer, dammit! Consume!

They offer me a tin to go with the minimum 2 ounces I had to purchase; not the 1 ounce I wanted for a taste. (Is there a “minimum” restriction on loose leaf tea? Who does that?).  I had the savvy to figure out they might sneak in other charges to my order, so I asked if I would be charged for the tin. Yes. Good thing I asked or I would have somehow have to pay for it when they rung up my purchase, or walk out – which I will do if I’m being coerced and without my full consent. So I tell the girl that tea is better in a bag or glass container, no tin, thankyouverymuch.

Here’s the final kicker:

Little Girl with big fake smile: Your total investment towards your health and happiness is $5.12 (Apparently, I got out of there cheap compared to other not-so-bright consumers)

Me: Wait. What? How much? (I had to check myself to see if I actually heard that sales pitch of mockery to my intelligence.)

Girl repeats the amount.

I was on my phone at the time, and laughed while I repeated it to the person on the other end of the phone.  I said, quite loud no less, “can you believe how far corporate America is going to bullshit me into thinking that giving up my money for a product in the amount they required me to buy is my INVESTMENT, and towards my HEALTH & HAPPINESS?” The girl realized I was mocking it and says to me with a smug smile, “I happen to really like working here”. I said, “I’m sure you do, but did you notice the crazy things they require you to say to customers?” I left infuriated and in disbelief.

After my son and I tried the overpriced, infamous Teavana tea, we tasted some very unfamiliar aftertaste. My brain does a quick run through of the spices in it, all of which I am quite familiar with, and can’t place this odd, unpalatable taste.  So I do this for about two days trying to pin the tail on the donkey. Nothing. Finally, I can’t make myself drink anymore of the tea. I’m not one to waste, but this is worth bringing back and sprinkling over the head of that smug little minium wage girl at Teavana.  I imagine doing that several times a day. I think THAT’s my sign that only THEN will I be completely invested in my health and happiness.

I do a bit of reading, suspicious of the tea being laced with chemicals…more specifically pesticide residue. But wait! Teavana SAYS they are organic. When questioned, all the employees persist in this organic lie. But wait! A 3rd party lab, Glaucus Research, tests their teas and finds pesticides. But wait! That 3rd party lab is biased because the company that hired them stands to lose stock money if Teavana is making more sales (translation: popular, not necessarily quality), right before Starbucks is considering the purchase of Teavana. So Teavana retorts to this information and does the CYA, saying that they have their own independent 3rd party lab testing their product: Teavana Fires Back At The Short-Seller That Says Its Tea Is Contaminated With Pesticides. But wait! Where are the data results and who is the 3rd party lab, Teavana? No one asks and Teavana isn’t volunteering.

Having a history in administration and bookkeeping, I know the corporate rabbit hole quite well. Just follow the money trail and you’ll find many things you didn’t think you’d find. It can be a pandora’s box. Sssshhhh (imagine a snake), we might lose business if you talk. Most people don’t know how or care to sniff it out. So I look at WHERE Teavana is buying their tea. Just go to their website and they tell you, India, China, Africa, Japan, all over the world. Unfortunately, over the past few days they have removed that information. (Thank goodness for Just plug in when you get to that link and you’ll find it.  But I did find this tidbit TroubleBrewing.pdf).

Nonetheless, many companies purchase their teas from India, and other places around the world with no pesticide regulations on large scale agriculture and production for American corporations, by American corporations, etc. So pesticides are being used, and enough that I could taste it in the tea from Teavana.  But wait! Starbucks purchases Teavana!  $620 million! Big deal, no, really. Now they are run by yet another shady corporate goon with MORE years of experience in hiding behind sales, overseas tax shelters and bullshittery. But wait! Now they get Oprah on board to have her special chai tea. We all know what happens when Oprah speaks….every mindless shopper is on it.

I have been buying a chai type tea similar to the one pumped up by Oprah, for Oprah. It’s sold at Satellite coffee shops in Albuquerque, New Mexico, called Sunshine Tea (actually it’s Rhumba Rooibos from the supplier). It actually tastes much better. I asked a Satellite manager where they buy this particular tea and they gave me all the contact info. I purchase it 1.2 lb/$13. So stick that in your hat, Oprah. (My second choice is by Stash, Spice Dragon Red Chai – can’t taste any pesticides, and it does in a pinch.) Like I asked Bill O’Reilly, are you really looking out for me? Or are you puppeting what the stocks, stockholders and corporations are paying you big bucks to do and say? Anyone can be bought.

Here’s the moral of THIS story… one has to mislead with exaggerations or rumors on the internet to see the twisted ways in which the people are being led and manipulated by corporate America, and helped by popular media, aided by lack of education and critical thinking skills.  People, currently reduced to being named “consumers”, are so caught up in defending these front-line media people, like Oprah, that anything honest and ugly that breaks their fantasy affair with a company or product, offends them. They actually help perpetuate the corporate game! They ignore THIS honesty: You deserve full disclosure, full knowledge, and full consent in making clear decisions for your life. And the Conspiracy/New Age people fail miserably to point out that it’s NOT the reptilians (are you listening David Icke?), it’s NOT the government; it’s NOT your religious affiliation. Because, if you defend products or companies or religions, THAT IS your religion and government and your reptilian brain speaking. Just follow the money trail. Simple. It’s NOT a conspiracy. It’s a sham; the second oldest profession. And you fell for it, hook, line and sinker.

What can we do? Put on your thinking caps and don’t buy or do anything until you KNOW what you’re affecting in your life and others. Stop playing little child, jumping up and down with the, “but I want it NOW!” attitude or “I want my way!” without thought for consequences. You won’t die and your world won’t fall apart if you wait to make wise decisions before you shoot yourself in the foot and end up in an irresponsible, self-inflicted mess where you cannot connect the dots of your own choices. In fact, it’s a sign you have matured past adolescence.


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