Fluoride REALLY is Bad for Your Teeth

After the big hype of fluoride in toothpastes to combat tooth decay for as long as I can remember, I have yet to see the evidence of it helping. I used fluoride toothpastes since I was a kid and still got cavities. So did the many people I talked to over the years. Furthermore, as an adult, I ended up with severely receding gum lines and very sensitive teeth to hot, cold and sugary foods. My son had the teeth sensitivity issues as well, and he was only 19 years old.

One day he asked me to get him some Tom’s non-fluoride toothpaste. I think it was motived by reducing his fluoride intake. I bought myself some as well for the same reason. Besides, all the sensitive toothpastes only worked for about a month. I had to keep rotating and switching. Why not? What’s another one month switch of toothpaste going to matter?

After two weeks of using non-fluoride toothpaste, both of us noticed our teeth sensitivity had gone. After continuing for a year, and verified by a dental check-up, my gums started growing back. After three years, they have grown almost back to normal. No sensitivity, no receding gums. You won’t hear dentists or scientists tell you that fact. God forbid they should go against their education in lieu of actual evidence. I even shared this with my employer – a dentist. His response was that ol’ deer-in-the-headlights stare, then said that if I don’t use fluoride, I’ll get cavities. Did he not see my lips moving???

Here’s a fun fact from Fluoride Alert: Toothpastes

“Risks from ingesting fluoride toothpaste include permanent tooth discoloration (dental fluorosis), stomach ailments, acute toxicity, skin rashes (perioral dermatitis), and impairment in glucose metabolism.” and ” The dental community’s failure to educate the public about the dangers of swallowing too much fluoride toothpaste has further exacerbated the problem.”

Did I read that wrong? It’s dangerous to swallow fluoride toothpaste, but ok to drink eight cups of fluorinated water a day? At what point do they realize some of us can put 2 and 2 together to see the obvious contradictions. And notice the blame went straight to the dental community. Now, let’s go a bit further with this.

In regards to water: Most cities strive for 1 mg/L, but the EPA standards are 4 mg/L (liter, about 4 cups). This Water Currents Newsletter – Fluoride document was written in 2000. It came straight from Fort Worth Water Department used to this day.

For toothpaste (See Toothpaste, from above), “…the FDA requires a poison warning on every tube of fluoride toothpaste now sold in the US.” and “Fluoride toothpastes sold in the U.S. generally contain between 1,100 and 1,450 parts per million (ppm) fluoride (the equivalent of over 1 mg of fluoride for each gram of paste).”

That’s is a lot of fluoride, but you get that much from just 4 cups of city water. Why are they blaming the dental community for not educating the public about not swallowing toothpaste when a major contributor appears to be from swallowing fluorinated city water.

Another fun fact in a recent article: “Too much fluoride has become a common cause of white splotches on teeth in children. One study found about two out of five adolescents had tooth streaking or spottiness.” (US lowers fluoride levels in drinking water for first time in over 50 years)

But pulled directly from Water Currents Newsletter – Fluoride document: “In the early 1900’s dentists in towns such as Hereford, Texas, Colorado Springs, Colorado, and Bauxite, Arkansas were describing a condition in their patients now called “dental fluorosis. This is mottling of the tooth enamel.” In the rest of the paragraph, there is evidence since 1930 that this was directly correlated to fluoride in the water. Although later there was a town where the people have pitted and stained teeth, but no cavities due to fluoride. What a trade-off for having fluoride. I wonder what other trade-offs we get from fluoride to save from having cavities. And maybe I never had a single cavity as a child. Maybe those teeth were simply “pitted”.

They have known this for over a hundred years, but to read it on the internet, it’s as if it’s only recently being noticed and  studied, at best, the last 50 years.

Oh what tangled webs we weave when we set out to deceive….or be complacent…or forget our history….or ignore the obvious.

Moral of the story: pay attention and ask questions. Note the obvious contradictions. Pull your head out of…..the sand.


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