The Contaminated Pacific: “It’s Not My Job!” (Fukushima)

(And the people with money and better education complain about low-wage workers – hypocrisy with a bigger paycheck)

I was curious about the nuclear plant disaster in Fukushima, Japan because I wondered if the fish and sea plants from the Pacific were safe to eat. (Including Blue/Green Algae).

It seems no governing bodies are bothering to test the water and take responsibility for testing safety levels of radiation in the waters along the west coast, let alone inform us of the latest information.  They and the corporate stock holders stand to lose a lot money if the results are not favorable.  So far, no government agency has stepped forward to do this job. And it’s the old story of, “It’s not my job”.

On site: It appears they have a few coolant pipes are leaching contaminants into the water and it’s a daunting task to go into the area to fix, pull, freeze, stop, contain, or whatever they do with them. This could mean ocean contamination for a while. Revealing signs will show through aquatic life being deformed. Apparently, the power company, Tepco doesn’t want to upset the public, so they say it’s all ok. Meanwhile, they are scratching their heads. [UPDATE, 2015: TEPCO is now taking the blame for not setting up emergency shut-down safety measures. – In a land with hundreds of earthquakes a year, they didn’t do this?]

On the ocean: one private concerned organization, Global Research is trying to test the Pacific waters. There seems to be some controversy about the levels of radiation being safe or not. This simple article sums it up succinctly. Even a quick glance should give you cause for concern.

The element we worry most about is radioactive cesium-137 with a half life of 30 years.  Although radiation has a half life, iodizing radiation accumulates over time in our bodies, in plants, in sea life, etc.  It’s in the water, being absorbed by the food chain. Fortunately, the FDA tests imported products from Japan. That doesn’t mean that every shipment is tested. Just samples.  You can go here for the article and results of FDA:

My concern is no one is testing the water for measurable safety. The models say it’s safe, no worse than the nuclear testing in the 1950’s – so no need to bother funding any testing. Yet, according to Kenneth Buesseler, Senior Scientist of Woods Hold Oceanographic Institute, Fukushima is the largest accident to release radioactive isotopes in history. The radiation is still not contained.

That being said,  I won’t be eating anything from the sea or imported from Japan until someone KNOWS something. I don’t want to find out in 10 years a worst case scenario has lived out silently in our foods and products.

Personal resolution: Fresh cilantro is an excellent substitute for blue/green algae. Don’t eat any pacific sea food until we are certain all residue is no longer affecting sea life.


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