Trans-Siberian Orchestra Christmas Concert

(Photo Courtesy of CultureMap)

About six or so years ago, there was a email getting passed around the internet with a link to a video showing a house with Christmas lights going off to the tune of a very upbeat instrumental song – Wizards in Winter, by Trans-Siberian Orchestra (a.k.a. TSO). It struck me in the soul. If you haven’t heard or seen this song/band, it’s worth the 3 minute video.  I was curious to know more about this inspiring music and band.

The music is a mix of classical rock and orchestra, with its origins landing in the mind and talent of Paul O’Neill.

This band is composed of 32 people, touring in two groups, the East and West group in order to perform simutaneously during the holiday season. They are in demand across the U.S. with their fantasy theme, costumes, beautiful backdrops, larger than life display of lights, storytelling, dancing (a mix of ballet/Celtic/Modern), solos, and full-on instrumentals. It’s a feast for the eyes, ears and hearts of all people all ages. It will take you away!

I decided to treat my boys to the show as a Christmas gift one year (and my first time too). I wasn’t sure how they would respond. As we were leaving the show, we were awed by the whole experience.  Maybe we’ll go again this year.









Details for 2014 TSO concert:

When: Sunday, Dec. 23rd @ 3:00p & 7:30p

Where: Dallas’ American Airlines Center

Ticketmaster (direct link for ticket sales); Tickets range from $30 – $70/person

And if you plan on taking pictures, none are allowed during the show. I tried several times, but the “Camera Police” were watching us like hawks. Never mind the other 3,000 people out there camming it up and flashing away with their cell phones.

Camera or not, it’s an experience that will linger in your memories for many years.


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