People v The State of Illusion

I saw the live documentary showing of “People v The State of Illusion“.  Austin Vickers, the imgination and writer behind this documentary, was the keynot speaker. He claims himself a “recovering attorney”. Well, it shows! He’s a dynamic speaker with integrity who posed some unusal questions (and stories) afterward for all of us to ponder more deeply.  (I think my neurons took new pathways.)

The questions pushed my buttons for more inner truth and authenticity. Unfortunately, I can’t quite remember what he said (and I will update when I get that “Ah ha!” moment), but I do remember it made me realize with much more clarity that …I just remembered…when one is unhappy with their reality, the best thing to do is make peace with your reality through a new perspective. In other words, find the good in it and that’s when circumstances transcend.  They will either move out of your life or change to suit you better.

The other key message is about changing the process of how you think. I’m sure he could say it much better than me (In fact, he did!).  He teaches and coaches about these things . This is just a very basic overview of his messages.  There was much more than that (and some really great interviewees such as Candace Pert – my fav, Debbie Ford – who introduced me to my dark side, Joe Dispenza -appeared in “The Secret”) you’ll just have to watch for yourself (check with PBS in about a year – or was it next year?), go to one of his showings, or click on his link and purchase the DVD. Lots of valuable, enlightening information.

For me, some of this wasn’t all new, but definitely refreshing to see other humans have figured it out on their own.

At one point in the discussion, he asked the question: How do you know when you have what you want? You’re living it. Everything you are living IS what you want or you wouldn’t be living it.

How many times I’ve run in circles with people saying they want certain things in their life, but show no evidence?  How are you moving in that direction?

Conversely,  people will say, “But I don’t like this” or “I don’t want that”.  Yet, there it is. There must be something in it that you are comfortable with or you would move it out of your life.  Otherwise, you’re just whining. You’re not taking personal power (the only action you have control over) to change your circumstance with new thought, new perspective or imagination for something more suited to your tastes (Austin really stresses imagination).

I say, take that bull by the horns and run with it!


2 thoughts on “People v The State of Illusion

  1. This sounds GREAT. I am always on the prowl for more, more, MORE that will raise my vibrational perspective and keep me positiveI shall have to see it out. 🙂

    Thanks for sharing!

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